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Padel is a mix of tennis and squash. It is played in Doubles-only and is officially the fastest growing sport in the world. In 2020, it overtook Tennis, to become the second-most played sport in Spain.

Why Padel (Paddle Tennis) ?

  • It is easy to play
  • It is low priced (4 people per game)
  • High fun factor
  • Is not physically very demanding
  • Promotes highly the social relations
  • Suitable for all ages

Please find attached more information about the sport and its growth statistics for:

  • An easy, enjoyable and engaging racket sport;
  • Promoted in some countries as a Niche sport for the elites;
  • The Padel court can be installed outdoors and indoors. Indoor is more favorable as it can be operational throughout the year;
  • Faster learning curve as compared to other racket sports;
  • Padel court occupies only 2,200 sq.ft. of space, makes it an effective solution for anyone who is interested to increase their return on investments.
  • Ideal locations to set-up the court includes Tech Parks, Residential Complex or Sports Complex and Educational Institutions.

The Bigger Picture:

  • Padel is now played in more than 65 Countries across the World;
  • In few European Countries there are more Padel players that Tennis;
  • In Spain and many European countries, most of the Tennis Courts have been converted to Padel Courts. Mainly due to the high return on investment and better utilization of space;
  • After football, Padel is the major revenue-generating sport across Clubs in Europe; (Industry worth estimated at 1Billion Euros)
  • In Europe top football and tennis players are promoting Padel.

Padel for Kids:

Not only adults have fun by playing PADEL, but also kids get excited and …. no matter at what age. The simplicity of this sport makes it extremely attractive for everyone.

The main focus and driver is the PADEL helps kids on:

  • The physical development
  • Improves coordination
  • The development of psychomotor skills
  • The reflexes
  • The muscles
  • the endurance
  • the flexibility
  • the resilience
  • the mobility

From the psychological point of view, kids are benefiting from the simplicity of this sport on developing:

  • Self – confidence and
  • self-esteem.

Experts recommend kids should exercise a group sport and another sport with a more individual character. PADEL and TENNIS meet these criteria and are very well designed for this purpose. PADEL is much easier to play and appeal a wider audience. Padel as a perfect addon to your club.


The emotional benefits of Padel promote also values such as camaraderie, responsibility and discipline. All these are essential for the daily life of the kids. The kids learn to solve problems and make decisions quickly and efficiently. Everything with a lot of FUN and in a HEALTHY environment.


Here some pictures of kids playing and exercise in the Padel Court.  

Padel for people with special needs:

In our roots is the social responsability whereever we are, in India we founded the NGO Streets of India, trhought which we support stree children comunity.


Even those people who have any kind of handicap will have fun with padel.

As per the motto “We all play here” you have the opportunity to involve these people.

You do not only do something good, you also offer real opportunities to get them to participate so that these people can also help develop sympathy for the padel sport.


The aim is to create recreational sports opportunities for people with and without disabilities to play sports together, to reduce fear of contact and promote social integration and with the aim of helping people with all their differences (disability, gender, ethnic-cultural background, age, religion / worldview) in taking into account and including the social context and consequently benefiting as a whole from this diversity.

Some governments offer funding packages for these kind of activities, covering costs for material and personnel. 

Padel sports and the family:

Under the slogan “PADEL for families” we would like to point out some interesting aspects that you might want to use in the positioning of Padel in your region.


“Sport with children“, “Keep the family fit“, “Sport and family” … these are only a few slogans you can advertise as an operator.


Padel offers as a versatile platform, extraordinary opportunities to bring family and sport together. The simplicity and the high fun factor makes it possible.


The benefits of practicing PADEL with your family

PADEL has a lot of benefits for all family members. Practicing it with your family helps to strengthen the family’s bonds.


 High social component

PADEL is a fun sport. The playful part is present from the moment we set foot on the track until we get home, as it is very common after the game for the players to enjoy a refreshing drink and a pleasant moment to remember all the anecdotes of the game. A good plan could also be to play as a family and encourage more friends or neighbors to join. You can organize a tournament against different families. The laughs are assured and the rivalry (always in a positive way) too!


Does not require a big investment

PADEL is a sport that does not require a great economic effort to practice it and you can start playing from very early ages.  Only the padel racket and comfortable clothes are needed. The cost of booking a track in a club is usually not very high, so a Padel game as a family could become the perfect alternative to other common plans that have been made during the year such as going out for dinner or to the cinema. In addition, this plan is much healthier!


Stimulate the communication and the family relationships

During a Padel game we are in constant communication with our game partner, so that the relationship gets stronger. Language is very important, both verbal and non-verbal. Therefore, we can observe how our partner speaks to us during the game –  what he tells us – what he expects from us in each moment. In addition, when playing as a family you will know even more how all behave in a competitive environment. This is very interesting, since it will allow us as parents to discover how they react to certain situations and how they handle certain emotions that occur during the game. The character and the personality of our kids becomes visible.


Likewise, sharing a hobby as a family helps to strengthen ties and strengthen the family relationship, since this plan keeps you united and with a common goal during the time the game lasts (usually between 1 and 1,5  hour).


Parents will instruct their kids important values

PADEL does not only produce physical benefits, but also emotional and psychological benefits, which are key in the growth and development phases of the kids. In this way, Padel’s own dynamics allow children to gain independence on the track, while in each game their motivation and commitment increases. In addition, kids acquire important values for the future, that can be used in other facets of their personal and professional life, such as companionship, team spirit, dedication and sacrifice.


The family is an important target group for sports clubs, leisure centers, hotels, condos and resorts.

PADEL – An add-on or a threat for tennis?

At first glance, you might think that due to the simplicity of PADEL and the high fun factor, current tennis players suddenly switch over to Padel.


We can reassure you that after 25 years of development in Spain this has not happened.


Tennis players and Tennis coaches

As a rule, tennis coaches and players with a good level remain and those who want to diversify their abilities or may not be able to continue with tennis for different reasons will find in Padel the perfect alternative to keep playing even with people who are not familiarized with tennis. This sport makes all this possible.


At this point also highlighting that former tennis coaches and players (professional or not professional) have significant advantages, as they can handle the racket much better than others and usually develop very fast to very good Padel players. In the end, they end up dominating both: Tennis and Padel


Tennis business

The essential contribution of Padel in all tennis businesses is:  The tennis business is smartly expanding the target groups.

New people can join your business due to the fact that Padel is very easy to learn and people have fun from the beginning. No need to have a tennis background to have fun with Padel.


You generate the option to keep the existing members longer (fewer dropouts) because you have now the option to offer an alternative. Both target groups train in your club and there is no need to look elsewhere for the alternative. Your club has it. This is a very interesting, innovative and attractive approach to keep your tennis business growing. Consider also to convert a Tennis court with low attendance into 2 – 3 Padel Courts. (See pic below)


Remember the success factors that make Padel so popular over the last 25 years:

  1. It is easy to play
  2. High fun factor
  3. Is physically not very demanding
  4. Promotes highly the social relations
  5. Suitable for all ages
  6. It is low priced (4 people per game)

Tennis Centre

Padel is a proven concept that works and offers a good number of healthy options for your business. As a matter of fact, 2,5 Million people play Padel on 12.000 Padel Courts in Spain and now constantly growing in other parts of Europe.


Padel is an interesting tool for:

Tennis clubs, sport and leisure centers, hotels, resorts, golf clubs, standalone, Padel Clubs and Privates. Note: The playing surface is only 20 x 10 m.

This sport is often identified by different names like: Padel Tennis, Paddle Tennis, Paddle.  Our preference is to  simply call it: PADEL


The Padel Courts are often called:  Padel tennis Court, Paddle tennis Court, Paddle Court, Platform Tennis Paddle, Platform Paddle Tennis. Our preference is to simply call it PADEL COURT.


Feel free to talk to us. We deliver and install Padel Courts for your business and very happy to help.

Padel is a sport that has a short but very intense life. Since its creation, it has not stopped growing at an amazing rate, and it is currently one of the most practiced sports in many countries, and in particular, in Spain and throughout the rest of Europe in constant evolution.

In 1962 we started ....

Padel, or Paddle Concuera, as it was known in its beginnings, has been created in a very practical way. The official date of birth of Padel is 1962 in the residence of Enrique Corcuera in Puerto Acapulco (Mexico). The Mexican had a ball wall game and suddenly decided to install a central net and close it completely with a low wall. See image.


At first this was done for making it more comfortable. In spite of the low wall, the ball was often played on the neighbor’s property, which significantly slowed down the game and made it difficult. As an improvement he decide then to increase the walls, so that the ball was played against the wall and so could be played with much less interruptions, which was particularly fun.


In 1974, his friend Prince Alfonso zu Hohenlohe from Spain was inspired by the enthusiasm of Enrique Corcuera for the new game. In the same year, the Padel was introduced in Spain by Alfonso, who built two places in his hotel Marbella Club. He not only brought it to Spain, but continued to work on details of the rules and the playing field.


At the launch, the first official and recognized “Pro-Am” tournaments were organized. These were sponsored by the brand “Smith & Smith”. This tournament had the special incentive that the participating couples had to be formed by a professional player and a famous person, which greatly promoted growth and popularity in Spain and South America. That’s when the perfect venue for the media emerged.


Personalities such as Enrique Iglésias, Patxi Andion, the Duke of Borbón, Manuel Santana, Guinlla of Bismark or Esparto Santoni and other personalities began playing Padel at the time and this sport was becoming massively popular.


Padel spread in South and Central America with varying degrees of success and also reached the US and Canada. Padel has developed the most in Spain, Argentina and Brazil.


It continues very soon in the next post.

What we do consulting:

Padel business model

We will help business companies & clubs to improve Padel Business.

Padel Management Consultation

We will help other padel clubs to manage their business and help them grow.

Build your own padel courts

Design and construction of padel courts in Bali and around Indonesia.

Organize Tournaments

We organize local, national and international tournaments & leagues.

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